Frequently Asked Questions


Where will my Ad be served?

uAD has partnered with various mobile publishers and content aggregators. The Ads based on the level of targeting, are served on these publishers' Sites / Apps.

Does it cost me anything to sign-up?

No, it is a free process.

Who can Advertise on uAD?

Any organization which wants to communicate a message to its target audience can be an Advertiser on UAD.

What are the targeting options on UAD?

An Advertiser can select single or multiple targeting options to reach the target audience:

  • Geographic Targeting - location-wise
  • Device Manufacturer, Model, OS and Keyword Targeting
  • Carrier or Telecom Operator - like AT&T, Vodafone etc.,
  • Channel Targeting - Entertainment, Mobile SNS, Mobile news etc.

How much does it cost to run a campaign?

The cost of a campaign is directly related to the level of targeting an Advertiser chooses. Higher the level of targeting higher would be the cost. On WAP/App we charge on CPC (cost per click) basis for Text Ads and Banner Ads.

How can I measure the performance of my campaign?

You can Login at anytime and check the performance of your campaign on the basis of impressions, clicks, and amount spent etc.

How do I start?

Simply Register with us & start creating your Ads.

Can I target specific cities in my Country?

Yes, UAD provides Advertiser to target specific cities in India.

What is the minimum bid price I can set up?

The minimum bid price of any campaign is $0.01 for India.

Are there 2 different logins for Advertiser and Publisher in the new version also?

No. If you are both an Advertiser and a publisher, one unique login ID will be sufficient in the New Version to access both Advertiser Reports and Publisher Reports.

What types of inventory can I monetize with uAD?

You can monetize WAP site, Mobile site and areas within your Apps (On all the Platforms).

What kind of campaigns are available on uAD?

On uAD, you can get CPC and CPM ads. Most of our Ads are CPC but still if you want only CPM Ads or fixed monthly payout for your Portal then you can (contact us) button.

What is the average CPC on uAD?

It is not fixed and it varies depending on your inventory.

What type of Advertisers work with uAD?

Advertisers from all the major industries/sectors advertise with us.

How can I integrate my site/app with uAD?

Integration process is very simple. Either you can place our code on your site/app or you can do API integration. You can start by registering with us, we implemented a very easy sign-up process that gives you access to our fully automated self-service portal. (SIGN UP) button.

What is Multitenancy?


What is "maccountcode"?

"maccountcode" stand for Mobile account code/name. You can place the name of your portal here.

What is the payment method and payment cycle?

uAD follows a 60 days payment cycle with a minimum payout of US $50 via PayPal and $300 via Bank Transfer.

I am a publisher and now I want to become an advertiser and register an advertisement as well. Can I do that?

Yes you can do that. You can become an advertiser by creating an advertising campaign. You can create the campaign in the same Account by clicking the Advertiser tab.